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[SOLVED: ALEJANDRO] [4] The Madonna

edited 2014-06-03 04:44:26 in Puzzlers Chat

Acrostic with clues that may require knowledge of Madonna songs?


  • I think the parenthetical statements are initials of letters in the missing words. For example R:

    She asks (WTG) in her theme song ("Who's that girl)

    That clues Zooey Deschanel, which fits the blanks.

  • edited 2014-03-16 14:19:16

    Okay. Based off the hint I got it. The letters are Album names and the numbers are track numbers.

    Animal in a : (Bedtime Story)

    Scout uniforms might be made of: (Material Girl): KHAKI

    Use these to (Express Yourself)

    , reliable (True Blue)

    Olaf is one in (Frozen) SNOWMAN

    blanket of snow (Like a Virgin)

    It’s unlikely this (Papa don't preach?)

    In a manner being made, at times (Like a Prayer)

     Item purchased so that a place:

    The act of splitting of a (Ray of Light)

    When you might vacation to (La Isla Bonita)

    Editor-in-Chief for ( 2 wds) (Vogue)

    A less artistic form of (Erotica): PORNOGRAPHY

    in February ( 2 wds) (Holiday):  GROUNDHOG DAY

    This is pretty (Borderline): 

    One whose job is to ( 2 wds) (Dress you up): 

    It might predict ( 2 wds) (Rain)

    She asks in her show’s theme ( 2 wds) (Who's that Girl): ZOOEY DASCHANEL

  • The acrostic solves to nine clues for things of the form "Lady X" the initials of these things spells ALEJANDRO.

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