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edited 2014-03-08 16:01:12 in Puzzlers Chat

A series of words with the letters arranged in alphabetical order. I Think the numbers reference the boxes.


  • Flavortext references Sardines.

  • Okay, it seems adding a letter to each jumble and anagramming gives seven members of a category. The added letters spell out another term related to the set. I presume we can put those letters in the top boxes and do the same thing to get a final set.

    I have the following:
    Row 1: Places to get an education, letters spell ACADEMY
    Row 2: African nations, word seems to be AFRICAN
    Row 4: Alcoholic drinks, word is BOURBON
    Row 6: Numbers, word is HUNDRED

    Feel free to add more.
  • That seems perfect for More Words.
  • edited 2013-12-08 10:52:55
    It is. I,ve got the following, going by row.
    Education, ACADEMY
    African Countries, AFRICAN
    Reporters, ANCHORS
    Alcohol, BOURBON
    Things with inclines, HILLOCK
    Numbers, HUNDRED
    Words implying famine, LACKING
    Things that go up and down, LADDERS
    Types of drivers, ROADHOG

    If you put the letters in the corresponding boxes, they seem to spell out fish minus a letter.
  • Missing letters spell MANEUVERING
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