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Two puzzlehunt-like things

edited 2015-09-03 17:53:36 in Puzzlers Chat

Hi everyone,

Two things I wanted to mention that might use a team effort:

1) Mark Halpin's Labor Day extravaganza:

A yearly extravaganza by Mystery Hunt veteran Mark Halpin. Each year is themed after some sort of classic story (last year was the Ramayana), and features a variety of word and logic puzzles. I tried doing them alone last year, but they are beastly. A team effort might help crack them.


2) The Runes:

A set of physical puzzles I came across a while back. They come on 27 pages, featuring a variety of math, logic and word puzzles. There also appear to be some metapuzzles the link together the pages, but I needed some help cracking the later pages. There was also a forum where you could confirm your answers, but it seems to be down--I think I know where to find people who have solved it though. I can scan in the pages if it seems interesting enough.

Anybody up for some team solving while we wait for SUMS and CISRA?



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