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MUMS Puzzlehunt 2012!

edited 2012-04-09 20:45:03 in Puzzlers Chat
The Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society (MUMS) Puzzlehunt is the last week of this April!  Specifically, it begins at noon local time on 23 April 2012, and runs for just over a week.  This puzzlehunt, being in Australia, follows what I call "Australian rules", which is that each day a new set of four puzzles is revealed until all twenty puzzles are revealed.  Also, each new day brings a new hint to the previous days' puzzles, up to three hints per puzzle.  That said, the puzzles themselves have the same solution format as Mystery Hunt, and there's a metapuzzle to go with everything.  (But another cool thing is that we can submit solutions online--no messy calling in answers!)

You get scored on how fast you can solve the puzzle, by getting [5 - (number of hints given)] points per puzzle.  So, basically, if you solve a puzzle on the first day, you get 5 points, 4 on the second day, 3 on the third, and 2 after that.

Teams can have up to 10 people (registering by their e-mail addresses), but any number of other people can help them.  This is mostly because they actually give out prizes for winners.  However, we can't get prizes (or even complete the treasure hunt) unless we have someone that can go on campus.  If you live in the Melbourne area and want to be our on-site delegation, please let us know.

Post here if you're interested!  We can get a team together and tackle this one.  This follows the same format as the CiSRA and SUMS puzzlehunts in the summer and fall.

For more information:
* homepage: http://www.ms.unimelb.edu.au/~mums/puzzlehunt/
* rules and how things work: http://www.ms.unimelb.edu.au/~mums/puzzlehunt/rules.html
* FAQ: http://www.ms.unimelb.edu.au/~mums/puzzlehunt/faq.html

A useful utility as you work through this hunt: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/foxclocks/ Fox Clocks, which can add Melbourne (or any other) local time to your Firefox status bar.


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