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P&A Magazine

edited 2012-02-29 06:34:30 in Puzzlers Chat
Okay, so I wanted to throw these out there as something to practice on in between the various puzzle hunts.

These are puzzle magazines released bi-monthly. Each issue has an "extravaganza" in the style of a round of the MIT Mystery Hunt, featuring at least 12 puzzles and a metapuzzle. The puzzles run the gamut from crosswords to straight identifications, to the occasional logic puzzle. For the most part, they are really nicely done, with some cool themes and appropriate answers. Foggy Brume has written for a couple of the Mystery Hunts, so he knows what he's doing.

Even though you need to pay to get issues, I have access to pretty much all the issues, and it seems like teams are allowed, so I think as long as we keep the links between the team, we should be fine. The only other thing is that there is a top 10 for each issue, so we would certainly need a private thread/forum so people can't just look up the answers from us :P

If anyone is interested, I have been doing some work on issue 36 (The Enigma Sutra) and solved 11/12 puzzles, with the metapuzzle and a tricky logic puzzle to go. I could use some help in cracking the metapuzzle especially, so if anyone wants in, just let me know.



  • Too bad on the off-season this thread is kind of dead. If we had more people, I feel like this would really be fun.
  • Well, I can try to make more on-seasons, by firing up the site (and our team) for more puzzlehunts.  There's the MUMS puzzlehunt coming up in a couple weeks, so we can definitely get in gear for that.
  • So they did release the new issue today. If anyone would be interested, I could PM you the link--I would rather not put it where it could be publicly seen since it's something you have to pay to get.

    Let me know. The theme this month is an expansion pack featuring "Joker pieces" for various board games.
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