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Forum Rules

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Welcome to this forum! This is a forum for puzzle solvers and writers (albeit mostly amateurs) to discuss and share puzzles, as well as the online home base for the Mystery Hunt team named Duck Soup.

Basics about how this forum works
* New members apply to join the forum, and admins/mods approve applications.  This is currently our best way of keeping out spammers without having to register us with a captcha site, so that's what it is at the moment.  But we'll approve you quickly.
* You should be able to edit your own posts, as well as the thread title if you started the thread.
* There is a flagging feature that allows you to report posts that need mod/admin attention.  If you feel there is a rules violation, or if you need a thread locked or someone else's post edited, flag the post to let us know.  You can also send us private messages, and add as many mods to the private conversation as you want.
* The Mystery Hunt subforum allows you to edit other people's posts, as in a wiki.  This is to make it much more useful for collaboration.  Just don't abuse this.
* BBCode is enabled on this forum.  Some HTML markup also works here.
* If you're new here, you may want to check out the welcome/introductions thread to say hi, and the sandbox thread to try out the formatting.

0. Don't be a prick.
1. No illegal activity.  This includes linking to searches for illegal materials.
2. Keep it civil.  Do not start or continue drama.  (Remember to take criticisms objectively, and to give criticisms constructively.)  Do not import or export drama.
3. Except for Mystery Hunt (or other official puzzlehunt) puzzles, don't spoil solutions for others, unless they explicitly want your help.  To make text invisible, set text color to the same as the background color (white); alternatively, you can use a togglebox, or send a private message to the user.
4. No spamming.  No advertising things that are not related to puzzles.  However: you're welcome to post puzzles you've written or found, and to organize teams to take on other puzzle-hunts.
5. Humorous posts that are light on content (often called "shitposts") are allowed, but generally keep them to a minimum.
6. The Mystery Hunt subforum is not visible to guests; this is per Mystery Hunt policy.  If you are Hunting for a different team, please do not view that subforum.   That would be cheating, obviously, and that's terrible.
7. Actions and decisions of moderators (including administrators) may include things not specified in these rules, and are final unless otherwise stated.  Circumventing posting restrictions may result in bans or worse.

Violations of rules may result in warnings or bans, depending on severity.  Obviously, we hope not to have to do this.

If you have questions, concerns, comments, complaints, etc., please contact @glennmagusharvey; for technical issues please contact Unknown_Entity.

One more thing: Yes, the team is named after the Marx Brothers movie.
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