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Useful Resources for Puzzle Solving

edited 2012-01-19 10:58:51 in Puzzlers Chat
Given the variety of topics covered by the MIT Mystery Hunt, I figured it would be a good idea to have a set of tools available for whatever comes up in this and other puzzle hunts. So this thread is for posting and puzzle-solving primers, tools or other resources that you may have come across this year or elsewhere.

One useful for the Mystery Hunt itself:

A list of all the puzzles from the 2000-2011 hunts, along with what topics they covered. Nice to see the variety of topics that have been used over the years, along with how they may have been used.


  • TinEye reverse image search. This was definitely a lifesaver for the last mystery hunt!
  • One of the people on the Manic Sages is Palmer Mebane, World Puzzle Champion. He runs a puzzle blog at, and he used to regularly post high-quality logic puzzles. However, he has been on hiatus due to his involvement with the hunt, which means there is a good chance we will be seeing at least a couple of puzzles from him this year, especially Nikoli-style logic puzzles. I linked his blog so you could familiarize yourself with some of the types of puzzles he has done in the past, and get a feel for the type of logic he likes to use.


    Any other useful resources anyone could think of?

  • I found a great resource for some of the wordplay based puzzles.

    You can search incomplete words using asterisks. Each word entry lists definitions, anagrams, words that can be made by adding one letter, words found within the word, and you can follow a link to find words that can be made by changing one letter.

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