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A Maze of Games

edited 2014-10-20 10:01:54 in Puzzlers Chat

Has anyone else started doing the Maze of Games. I've just started and I've got the first puzzle half solved. It's a Cryptex puzzle and does anyone have any suggestions for solving it completely? I get the impression that there is a wrong solution available. 


  • link? seems to be a number of things called that...

  • blackcat is referring to this puzzle book by Mike Selinker:


    It's a puzzle book/novel where the pages are out of order, and you have to use puzzles to put it back together. It goes like this:

    1) Solve a maze to determine the order of the puzzles

    2) Solve the puzzle associated with each section of the book to get an answer. The puzzles are all sorts of types, with an emphasis on word-based puzzles and some logic puzzles.

    3) At the end of each chapter, solve the wordplay associated with each answer to get new words.

    4) Extract the indicated letters from the new words to get the answer for the chapter.

    5) Repeat for the other three chapters.

    The final chapter appears to be a meta-meta of sorts, but the solving method is unknown.

    I've got the physical book, and I've worked through the first couple of chapters already. There is a PDF version available if you'd like to join in.


    @blackcat: There is one solution to the puzzle from what I've seen. If you've worked out the first six-seven tumblers, you are likely to have some snippets of words to work with on one or more of the lines. Try a couple of combinations on the next couple of tumblers, and see if the message you get still makes sense. 

  • OK Got it. 

    Also thanks for the explanation to other people who may not know what it is. I never think of these things...

  • Do you even need to solve the first puzzle to complete the book?
  • It's kind of nice to have another hunt with a structure similar to the Mystery Hunt but without the time limit. So far, though, each puzzle has been telling exactly how to solve it rather than letting you try things for yourself. 

    I would say, if you want to try, the ebook through Puzzazz is the way to go, though the app seems a bit clunky. I'm on clubs now, and am having trouble with a few of the puzzles. I reached that point where I'm very close to finishing, but can't find the few more bits of data that I need to solve. Quite frustrating.

  • So, who else is working on this Maze of Games and how far have y'all gotten?

  • I have it but haven't worked on it for a bit. I'm currently working on chapter 3, trying to finish up the puzzles leading to the message for that chapter. If I can give anyone here a little assistance on the first couple of chapters, let me know.

  • It's mostly finding those last bits of data to fill out the rest of the grid. I am having some trouble with the tarot one, the knights one, the crossword with multi-letter cells. I think I solved the Nurikabe correctly, just need to fill out a couple more monsters. Also, can't find anything that looks like a word.

    On the final puzzle, some of the wordplays are confusing me. 

  • Tarot: I'm missing sets 5,9 and 10 myself. I know the idea behind getting the answer, but I don't have the answer. Perhaps we can collaborate.

    Knights: Do you mean the logic puzzle? That might be a little tricky to hint for, unless I know what you've worked out already. As with any logic puzzle, the statements tend to imply some things beyond what is written down directly. You need to use that information with the other statements to work out the order.

    Crossword: The "set" is one you've probably encountered before; remember you're looking for eight of them, where one defines the other seven. I'd suggest using pencil or something you can erase, as it may take a little bit of effort to get everything crossing. Get some entries you know, figure out their common letters, and perhaps that might be a good break-in point. 

    For the wordplay, which ones are confusing you? I can clarify what he's looking for you to do.

  • edited 2014-11-10 17:39:30

    Knights: No, it was the knight shaped crossword, which I just solved, though the wordplay is not playing nice with me. Was your answer Three? (Highlight previous to see)

  • For Tarot, I do know what the final set is (which eliminates half the possibilities for answers, so that's cool.) Unfortunately, I'm also missing those, as well as 7, it seems.

  • For the final wordplays: Two must exit to make a battery for brains. There are multiple words I can make with the instructions, but they don't seem to fit the clue that well.

    A letter must be added for a homonym: not really getting anything.

  • Also, do you have any idea how the chapter answers feed into the final puzzle? at all?

  • Knights: That's not the answer I got. Are you sure you have the right keyword/order for the keyword?

    Tarot: I can give you a hint for 7 (highlight): The numbers of the cards are what matter for this set.

    Wordplay: Note the exact wording: "for the battery of brains". You have to have the right definition of "battery" in mind for the wordplay to make sense.

    Chapter answers: Beats me! I don't think anyone's worked out the exact mechanism just yet. There was a wiki IIRC that talked about it, but it may not have been updated in a while.

  • edited 2014-11-18 04:44:37

    Well, I'm in a weird place with the Knights puzzle. I happen to have the grid filled out, but still am having trouble extracting an answer because I guess I'm misinterpreting the instructions or something.

    So, since we've decided to possibly collaborate on this, should I make a subforum. I think this thread as it stands right now is open to the public, so I don't want to get too spoilery here, however, I know that some of us have been working on this individually and thus might be at different stages in solving. 

    EDIT: eh, why not. I'll do it.

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