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The Mystery Hunt 2012 Welcome Thread!

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Just a general welcome thread where people can post introductions.

Me?  I'm glennmagusharvey, co-founder (in 2008) and currently the captain of this Mystery Hunt team, and I've been actively Hunting since 2007.

Started this forum since some people were interested in a place to chat about puzzles, and design and share their own puzzles, during the off-season--i.e. the entire year between each Hunt.  Also, more and more of our members are leaving the MIT campus (where the Hunt is held), and our team is increasingly online, so we need a good online base of operations.

Props to our team's webmaster, @Unknown_Entity, for setting it up for us.


  • Hi. I'm TheJackal, and I'm a 19 year old British Chemistry student. I took part in the Mystery Hunt for the first time last year and loved it, so here I am for more puzzling.
  • arks. Was here last year, so here I am again.
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    Hey there everybody, I'm that guy from that chat. I quasi-participated in the Mystery Hunt last year, and I kind of enjoyed the idea of it. As a result of that, I am hoping that I can be more involved in it this year. Schedule pressures and ability may prevent me from helping out in solving some of the puzzles, but I'll try my best on the ones I'm capable of doing. Here's hoping that things go well this year, for both myself in specific, and the team in general.
  • Hello everyone. Name's Ralph, I dabbled around in the Hunt last year and I thought I might as well do it again. It was great last year.
  • Umm, hi. Participated last year, but I was pretty useless (though my schedule didn't help at all). Basically all of my help consisted of googling stuff. I hope to do a little better this time.

    But hey, I googled stuff.

  • Hey there. Around these parts I'm known as Numbuh9494, but Dani seems to be a more appropriate handle for me here. I'm probably one of the youngest people in the hunt. I'm in my next-to-last year of high school, which should give you a pretty good idea about my age.

    I was in the team for the hunt last year. Though my schedule prevented me from participating a whole lot, I did what I could and I really had a blast. I'm glad to be on the team again and I hope to help out more this year!
  • Hi!  I'm Nicole - I've been mystery hunting since 2007, part of Duck Soup since it's inception in 2008.  This year I'll be co-co-oordinating the NYC branch of Duck Soup - if you're in NYC and want to solve with other people IRL, let me know! :-)
  • Hey everyone. I did my best to help out Duck Soup last year, had a blast doing it, and I'm very excited for this year's Hunt.

  • Hey all, I'm Madrugada, one of the folks from Tv Tropes who was on last year's team. I'm looking forward to doing it again.
  • 'Allo!
    I'm Mneme or Nur. Either works. ^_^ I've been hunting with Duck Soup since 2009.
    This year, I'm hunting both on campus and remotely.
    ARE WE READY TO HUNT?! ^________________^
  • Drpepperfan, Standing By. I helped last year, so I'm here to try helping again. I doubt I'll be to much of a help, but I'm still looking forward to it. Should be fun!
  • I'm a bit remiss in not posting before.

    I'm Rick "32_Footsteps" Healey, and I'm new to the team. I enjoy puzzles, and I've always wanted to participate in this.

    I'm also fairly close-by, so I'll be free to do legwork once I'm done work.
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