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[SOLVED: PANCAKES] [9] Palette

edited 2014-06-03 04:48:40 in Puzzlers Chat

Words and anagrams perhaps?


  • edited 2014-03-09 17:19:44


  • Editorial viewpoint or tilt (5) SLANT

    Flora PLANTS (SLANT+P)

    Wine sediment, or societal garbage (5) DREGS

    Like our anthem’s banner (hyph.) STAR-SPANGLED (SLANT+DREGS+PA)

    Like something without a need for support FREE STANDING (DREGS+FEINT+AN)

    Fake-out movement (5) FEINT

    Something done on bended knee (FEINT+?+?)

    Donal of Grounded for Life (5) LOGUE


    Single spot on a line (5) POINT

    One prone to thievery KLEPTOMANIAC (POINT+CAMEL+AK)

    Humped animal (5) CAMEL

    Locations for retail shops MARKETPLACES (CAMEL+PARTS+KE)

    You’ll be charged for it, with labor (5) PARTS

    A meal REPAST (PARTS+E)

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