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edited 2014-06-03 04:46:23 in Puzzlers Chat

Cryptic clues, wordplay only according to the flavortext.

1. Stop eating up bovine animal and I can start (8) QUIXOTIC (QUIT around OX backwards followed by IC)
2. Clancy’s rewritten about one (7) CYNICAL (Anagram CLANCY+I (roman one))
3. Hard thick area of skin in the ear (7) CALLOUS? (Sounds like CALUS)
4. Top of recliner covered by brown blanket, mostly (8) TRANQUIL (R in TAN + QUILT-T [mostly=missing a letter])
5. Missing one souvenir that’s damaged (7) NERVOUS (SOUVENIR-I, then anagram)
6. Only Minnesota (6) SOLEMN (SOLE (synonym of only) + MN)
7. Walk around empty area out of bounds, missing nothing (8) PEACEFUL (E inside PACE + FOUL-O[nothing])
8. Ingredient in orange licorice (7) ANGELIC (orANGE LICorice)
9. Good kind of roast, yes? (6) GRUMPY (G+RUMP+Y)
10. Unalert, disturbed (7) NEUTRAL (UNALERT anagram)
11. A musical group, One Direction (8) ABANDONED  (A+BAND+ONE+D)
12. Second-rate gambling game (6) POOR 


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