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edited 2014-06-03 04:50:18 in Puzzlers Chat

A "match the clues" with a twist?


  • edited 2014-03-09 16:37:57

    Left side: (6 letter answers?)

    Contribute (2 wds) KICK IN (L) -> C
    Hans with a counter GEIGER (T) -> R
    Raised a child: REARED? (S) -> Y
    Be Quiet (2 wds): SHUT UP?
    Scottish Pattern: TARTAN (V) -> T
    Detected: SENSED (I) -> O
    It comes after a number from 1 to 12: OCLOCK (I) -> G
    Mitt Romney, e.g.: MORMON (L) -> R
    Insane Person: MADMAN (E) -> A
    Argentinian Lowlands: PAMPAS (V) -> P
    Scott Baio role: CHACHI
    Tasting like Allium cepa: ONIONY? (T) -> Y

    Right side (5 letter answers?) 

    Aritst James (TMBG wants you to meet him): ENSOR (matches SENSED) (I)
    Cabs or amatuers:
    Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff Harold: ICKES (L)
    Daughter of Tantalus: NIOBE (this probably matches ONIONY if the title is any indication) (T)
    ____-fartsy: ARTSY (matches TARTAN) (V)
    Heavy shoes: CLOGS  (I)
    Largest single digit cube: EIGHT (matches GEIGER) (T)
    Like unfashionable Guests?: EARLY? (matches REARED) (S)
    Portuguese Kingdom on Persian Gulf ORMUS (matches MORMON) (L)
    Theatre worker: ACTOR?
    Word on a ticket: ADMIT? (oh, MADMAN) (E)
    XBox Snowboarding Game: AMPED (matches PAMPAS) (V)


  • Based off what I have so far, I'm sure SHUT UP is wrong.

  • Each of the lines for matching passes through exactly one of the letters in the center. Adding that info to the post two above.

  • I was using VELVET ELVIS as a key to find the letter to extract from those answers
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