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[SOLVED: SEQUOIA] [3] Cauliflower

edited 2014-03-08 16:02:09 in Puzzlers Chat

Crossword style clues with initials


  • I also got this one solved. Each of the answers has the five vowels in it exactly once. For instance, the first clue's answer is "crAIg fErgUsOn" (vowels in caps). Each of the answers in Batch 1 has a unique ordering of the vowels, as do each of the answers in Batch 2. If you match the answers with the same vowel orderings, and use the numbers to index into the other member of each matching pair, the extracted letters spell FIND SHORTEST TREE MATCHES PNEUMONIA. PNEUMONIA has vowels in the order EUOIA, and the shortest tree with the same ordering is SEQUOIA.

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