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[SOLVED: SYLLABICS] [16] Voice Boxes

edited 2013-12-07 15:51:26 in Puzzlers Chat



  • edited 2013-09-24 03:29:06

    I think the catch here is we need to separate the birth names from the pseudonyms.

  • edited 2013-09-24 03:47:37 Founder: Jeff Bezos: Himself
    Monty Python: Eric Idle: Declan Desmond
    Willow and Lily: Alyson Hannigan: Melody
    New York Times crossword editor: Will Shortz: Himself
    Played Batman in Batman Returns: Michael Keaton: Jack Crowley
    American League batting champion from 85-88: Wade Boggs: Himself


    gave Ed Sullivan the finger: Kackie Mason: Rabbi Hyman
    Oscar winner for Sophie's Choice: Meryl Streep Jessica Lovejoy
    Author of Salem's Lot: Stephen King: Himself
    Best Supporting Actress for Moonstruck: Olympia Dukakis: Grandpa's Love interest
    Best Supporting Actress for My Cousin Vinny: Marisa Tomei: Sara Sloane
    Acclaimed for role as Sally Albright: Meg Ryan: Dr. Swanson


    Jesus is Magic comedian:Sarah Silverman: Nikki
    Three Flag's Painter: Jasper Johns: Himself
    Played Catwoman in Batman Returns: Michell Pfieffer: Mindy Simmons
    This American Life host Ira Glass: Himself
    Frasier Crane: Kelsey Grammer: Sideshow Bob
    C in CSNY: David Crosby: Real Himself


    The Fonz: Henry Winkler: Ramrod
    Far Side Cartoonist: Gary Larson: Himself
    King of Pop/The Gloved One: Michael Jackson: Leon Kompowsky
    Ontogeny and Phylogeny author: Stephen Jay Gould Himself 
    Best Actress Black Swam: Natalie Portman: Darcy
    Won Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, Pulitzer Golden Globe: Marvin Hamlisch Himself


    Best Actress Silence of the Lambs: Jody Foster: Maggie Simpson
    First skateboarder nailed a 900: Tony Hawk: Himself
    7 straight Tours de France: Lance Armstrong?: Himself
    Only woman to win $64000 Question: Joyce Brothers Herself
    Architect of Gugenheim Museum: Frank Lloyd Wright born: Frank Lincoln Wright
    Hunt for Red October author: Tom Clancy: Himself


    Starred in the Darwin Awards with Joseph: Winona Ryder: Allison Taylor
    First woman to serve as U.S. Attorney General: Janet Reno Herself
    Best Supporting Actress Les Miserables: Anne Hathaway Jenny/Princess Penelope
    Facebook founder: Makd Zuckerburg Himself
    Make up artist known for zombies. Cameo in Grindhouse: Tom Savini Himself
    Glengary Glen Ross Pulitzer Prize: David Mamet Himself


    Grammy for Frenesie and Mas Canciones: Linda Ronstadt Herself
    Actor Twins, Hoffa, Throw Momma from the Train: Danny Devito: Herbie Powell, Maggie's Translator
    Worked with Dean Martin: Jerry Lewis Jonathon Frink SR.
    Second Man on the Moon: Buzz Aldrin: Himself
    U.K. Prime Minister 1997-2007: Tony Blair: Himself
    Dallas Mavericks owner: Marc Cuban Himself


    Fitzcarraldo director:
    Nominated for The Big Chill and The Natural:
    Best Mexican Performance Grammy in 2000:
    3rd in 2009 Indianapolis 500:
    Writer best known for Sandman: Neil Gaiman:
    Made Statue of Liberty desappear: David Copperfield:

    Gravity's Rainbow author: Thomas Pynchon
    Lois in Malcolm in the Middle:
    Star of Modern Romance and Defending Your Life:
    Author Kitchen Confidential: Anthony Bourdain
    She of She and Him:
    El Ray Del Timbal:

    Feel free to edit. 

  •'s founder is Jeff Bezos, born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen.

    Best supporting actress in Moonstuck is Olympia Dukakis, who played Rose (presumably Rose Castorini).

    The Far Side cartoonist is Gary Larson, not Gary Larsen.  He has no nickname, as far as I know.

  • New hint: (redundancy aside) All of the individuals clued here have all done the same thing. Once you know what that is, the flavortext will become much more clear.

  • Voice acting?
  • I think I got it. All these people aren't normally voice actors, but they have guest starred in different cartoons. What we need to figure out is whether they played themselves or a character.
    Alyson Hannigan was on King off the Hill as well as a few other cartoons, but she always played characters (thus her space would be a dot)
    Lance Armstrong guest starred on Arthur as himself (thus his space would be blank)
  • This may be Simpson's specific, though there's nothingI see in puzzle that hints at that
  • edited 2013-09-24 03:03:08

    The Simpsons wiki has a guest stars category

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