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[SOLVED: ODORS] [10] Lighting Candles

edited 2013-12-07 15:50:58 in Puzzlers Chat



  • Playboy Club employee: Bunny
    Pressure Chief Band: Cake
    Linwood Burton's Mr: Clean
    Puritan Mather: Cotton
    Tea Covering: Cozy
    Feathers in Pillow: Down
    Leading the way:
    Alecia Beth Moore: Pink
    Julian of Warlock: Sands
    Cardigan or Turtleneck: Sweater 

  • Hints: 

    1. The grid is large enough to be covered by 5 candles. Each candle consists of two of the 3x6 grids, one on top of the other. (Hints remaining: 1)

    2. No matter how you arrange the candles, some squares will never be covered. (Hints remaining: 0)

  • The answer is ODORS

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