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[SOLVED: ORTHO] [9] Leading Words

edited 2013-12-07 15:50:34 in Puzzlers Chat

These look like headlines.


  • There's an errata which strongly hints the alignment of the headlines is important.

    • "Dewey Defeats Obama" should be centered. The headline about recognizing Israel should be left-aligned. The "will not run" headline should be centered. The gun control act should be right-aligned.

  • Dewey Defeats Obama should have given the first step away.

    These articles are about presidents besides Obama, but they replaced that president's name with Obama.

  • So, by the flavortext, Left aligned articles get a value 0, right aligned get 2, and center aligned get 1.

    What uses a ternary counting system?

  • edited 2013-09-20 02:16:26

    Let's get this Obama Going

    Budget tops $100 billion for first time: :left 
    Dewey Defeats!: Truman: center
    Interstate signed into law by: Eisenhower:center
    Licenses now required for fire arms under Gun Control Act:Johnson :right
    No child Left Behind signed into law by: W. Bush: center
    Slow to respond to Hurricane Katrina: W. Bush: right
    Struck by gunfire, both survive: Reagan :right
    Goal of man on the moon annouced: Kennedy :right
    Will not seek reelection, if chosen, he will not run:Johnson :centered
    Whip Inflation now:Ford :left
    Read my lips no new taxes: Bush: right
    First flight of Air Force on(c)e : Eisenhower:right
    Tear down the Wall:Reagan :left (We all know the answer is Pink Floyd)
    Hussein Invasion of Kuwait:Bush :left
    Creates OSHA: Nixon:left
    Morining in America: Reagan:left
    Energy crisis "Moral equivalent of War":Carter :center
    Hawaiian word Marine National Monument: Theodore Roosevelt: left
    Bombs Nagasaki and Hiroshima: Truman :left
    Founds NASA: Eisenhower:center
    Egypt and Isreal sign accord:Carter :right
    Impeached over scandal with intern: Clinton:right Clinton:right
    Pardons draft dodgers: Carter:left
    Pardons predecessor: Ford: right
    Recognizes Isreal:Truman :left
    Resigns: Nixon: right
    signs NAFTA into law: Bush:left
    Claims solidarity in front of Berlin wall:Kennedy :center
    Sworn into office on Air Force One:Ford :right
    Threatened by Killer Rabbit:Carter :left
    Visits China: Nixon: center
    Vomits on Japan: Bush: right 


  • I'm thinking this list needs to be reorganized. Also, could someone else do some fact checking. I'm thinking that each president listed will have three entries. One left, one center, one right. Scratch that. Maybe the Numbers reveal something?

  • Hint: Headlines can be grouped together in sets of three.

    Hmm. Maybe I was right. Someone help with some fact checking?

  • edited 2013-09-24 18:37:24


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