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[SOLVED: DROOD] [8] I Can't Stop

edited 2013-12-07 15:56:03 in Puzzlers Chat



  • edited 2013-09-14 22:55:38

    I think these are all Jim Carrey roles.

    "Somebody stop me"

  • edited 2013-09-15 04:08:10

    Left to right, up to down.

    1. The Majestic .(89 repeating) .(81 repeating?) 89/99 or 9/11 T 

    2. Fun with Dick and Jane .3(8 repeating) = 7/18 H

    3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone .(235714 repeating) 33/140 (.285714 repeating) 2/7 or 8/28 E

    4. The Truman Show (7/13) M

    5. I love you Phillip Morris 

    6. Earth Girls are Easy 10/17 S

    7. Cable Guy?  . (09 repeating) 1/11 T

    8. Number 23 (.27 repeating) 3/11 E

    9. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective 9/22 R

    10. Me, Myself and Irene 4/14 (The and is actually & and that is counted as a letter) Y

    11. Mr Popper's Penguins (.whatever repeating) (It's 4/17. Just trust me, okay) O

    12. Batman Forever .(238461 repeating) 79487/333333 or (.538461 repeating) 7/13 F

    13. Peggy Sue got Married .1 repeating 1/9 P

    14. Dumb and Dumber (This time, even though the Title has an &, the hint has an A, so I'm guessing the And is spelt out. Damn this is a poorly put together puzzle) 7/13 D

    15. Horton hears a Who? 13/15 W

    16. Bruce Almighty 9/13 I

    17. Man on the Moon

    Feel free to edit.

  • The letters in the hints seem to be made up of letters from the title, but jumbled up.

    They also all seem to focus on one specific word within the title.

  • I got something. The flavortext mentions fractions. So maybe we can change the letters into index numbers and convert those into fractions. Every number begins with a .

  • Interesting enough, the movie I quoted was The Mask, which doesn't look like it was used for any of the hints. I wonder if there's an algorithm to convert The Mask into a fraction. 

  • But how are we going to deal with the titles that have a letter repeat within the first ten letters?

  • It's way too much of a headache to actually try to figure out what each fraction is the old fashioned way since the same letter can often represent multiple different digits. The denominator is the number of letters in the movie title.

  • The final phrase is THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN. That clues DROOD. which is the fucking answer

    I'm done.

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