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September - October: The Sweet Smell of Maple in the Morning

edited 2013-12-07 15:50:12 in Puzzlers Chat

New Panda Magazine is up. Still having a dinner with Stabby. I'll be posting the puzzles in their own topics. After that we can get started.

Also, tre, give other people a chance to work, please.


  • Of the answers we have so far, there are four five letter answers and two nine letter answers. I think that might be significant.

  • Also the only vowel present in our five letter answers so far is O

  • edited 2013-09-19 01:55:39

    Seems very important actually--the two puzzles I put in are both nine letter answers, so I think it's safe to say our answers will either be nine or five letters long.

    I would imagine they can be paired off somehow, with the O's indicating something in the longer answers.Each answer also appears to have two O's specifically, which is probably also important.

    Finally, a part of me says that the board game Candy Land might play into this meta, based on references in the intro.

  • First Round of Hints have been released. Puzzle answers represent invaders and terrain.

  • Of the 14 answers, we have 11. That should be enough for the meta.

  • Maybe this will help with the pairings. If we go by the first letter of the puzzle name?
    Margirt Trigrams - Magic Squares
    Leading Words - Lighting Candles
    Classic Books - Cryptogram Crush
    Giant Puzzle Time - Grease Monkeys
    Powerful Black Hole - Picket Fences
    Virtual Sustenance - Voice Boxes
    Acrostic Gluttony - I Can't Stop 

  • The story also says the invaders moved perpendicularly across the terrain. Maybe it's a crossword layout?

  • Possibly.

    1)The text also mentions "gumdrops and snowcaps", which seems to reference the Gumdrop Mountains of the Candyland map. Also, the colors of the titles match the opening spaces of the candy land board, as seen here:

    2) I've noticed that the first letters of the flavortext for each puzzle can be anagrammed to CANDY LAND and WONKA. This makes me think that the terrain answers correspond to places in Candy Land, and the invaders were Wonka and his Oompa Loompas. I think the invaders can be represented by the five-letter answers, since they have two O's in them like Oompa or Loompa. It might be a bit of a stretch, but can we match the 9 letter answers to the places in Candy Land somehow?

    Nine letter answers:






    Places in Candy Land, according to Wikipedia:

    • Candy Castle - The location the players are attempting to reach.

    • Gingerbread Plum Trees - Where Plumpy sits eating plums from his gingerbread trees.

    • Gumdrop Mountains - Offers a "gumdrop path", or a shortcut.

    • Licorice Castle - A black and red licorice castle with licorice bats.

    • Lollipop Woods - A forest of rainbow lollipops, which resemble trees.

    • Molasses Swamp - A swamp of molasses with brown popsicle plants.

    • Peanut Brittle House - A cottage made of peanut brittle with peanut plants growing outside.

    • Peppermint Forest - A snowy thicket of peppermint candy canes.

    • Ice Cream Sea - A bubbly ice cream sea where Queen Frostine resides.


  • edited 2013-09-24 15:04:39
    Actually, I think it would make more sense if the five letter answers were connected with Candy Land. 14 answers is enough for 5 nine letter answers and 9 five letter answers, which makes a nice symmetry. Also, there are nine places in Candy Land.
    Contestants in Willy Wonka's tour:
    Augustus Gloop
    Veruca Salt
    Mike Teevee
    Violet Beauregard
    Charlie Bucket

    Order of elimination:
  • I agree with arks. Especially given that the initials letters of the flavortext split accordingly. I.e. the five 9lw puzzles are the ones that spell wonka and the other ones (the 5lw answers) spell candy land.
  • I got it! The connection is the initials in the puzzles.
    Using Eonka characters:
    Augustus Gloop- Acrostic Gluttony
    Charlie Bucket - Classic Books
    Veruca Salt - Virtual Sustenance
    Violet - Voice boxes
    Mike Teevee - Margiet Trigrams
    I'm sure Candland had the same connections.
  • edited 2013-09-24 15:56:56
    It does! Nice catch!
  • Okay, I think we need to make two separate grids. One with the Candy Land answers in board order (probably arranged left to right) and the other with Wonka characters in elimination order (top to bottom). Fund which letters the Os on one boards correspond to on the other and I think we'll have our answer.

  • So the answer we don't have is O _ _ _ O
  • With software help I was able to guess the answer: ORTHO.

  • Just got a confirmation email from the Panda Magazine editor.

  • Holy crap...nice work! Sorry I couldn't assist with this one as much. You guys knocked it out of the park :D

    We definitely have to do the Puzzle Boat II come march. If it's anything like these puzzles, I think we'll get our money's worth :P.

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