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[13] Bitter Pill

edited 2013-09-14 17:24:15 in Puzzlers Chat

An acrostic without clues?


  • Hmm, what if all the clues are things connected with cyanide? A is for Apple, etc.

  • Given that the Check Answer page doesn't list this one, I'd assume it ties into the metapuzzle somehow. The grid is the same size as the one given on the first page.

  • Doubling letters results in words that match with the descriptions and the other word in that answer phrase can be indexed to form a word with it's letter "un-doubled"

    i.e. FIBER OPTICS => FIBBER, TOS(S)POT on Bobby Daniels (2)

  • edited 2013-07-08 02:58:02

    Good eye Tre.

    LOS ALAMOS--LOSS, SALA(A)M Missy Turner (1)

    FIBER OPTICS- FIBBER, TOS(S)POT Bobby Daniels (2)

    FOOD COMA- COMMA, DOF(F) Jimmy Langston (3)

    BROWN NOSE-- NOOSE, BOR(R)OW Brook Adams (4)

    BOK CHOY- BOOK, HO(O)CH--Woody Garfield (5)


    CLOSE FINISH-- FINNISH, CEL(L)O Manny Estevez (7)

    STEP AEROBICS--STEEP, SOC(C)ER Renee Ulrich (8)



    BELOW WATER-- BELLOW, WAT(T) Allen Blanchard (11)

    JONATHAN ADLER-- ADDLER, HAJ(J) Biddy Oliphant (12)

    Each of the people has a five letter long first name. What if the doubled letter from the second word tells us where to fit the names into the acrostic on the last page?

  • The letter doubled in the first word is the same letter doubled in their first name.
  • So ADDLER would fit perfectly with Biddy then. Nice observation again tre. I'm going to put these into the grid on the last page and see if they form anything useful.

  • Okay, I've filled the grid out according to my hypothesis above. Nothing is jumping out at me sadly. Is there anything else we could possibly use for the acrostic blanks? If not, are there any clues in the work we did above that might point us in the right direction?

  • If you highlight the cells of the letters not used for doubling it spells MY EX with the centre of the X removed.

  • Can we trace out the paths that the different characters took? Do the letters they use make a trail?
  • Only Poppy and Woody have letters in Bart's office and only one of those is female.
  • Is it possible that the last names clue 5 letter names with a double letter. I.e. estevez=sheen?
  • Well, that seems a bit inelegant of a solution. It doesn't really take into account where everybody's seated in relation to BW. It also doesn't account for those specific letters we put into the grid. I like the idea of tracing a path from one to another, but I wouldn't know how to define it.

  • I just feel like the last names must mean something.

  • I'm sorry, I was referring to arks comment about the O's tre. The Last names definitely seem like a good place to go, as they are the only things we haven't used yet. It's worth noting we're only supposed to mail in the clue that lead us to the killer (MY EX presumably) along with the first name of the killer.

  • I think we're looking for more first names. All of these names are connected to famous characters or actors. For example, Skeet Ulrich, Aaron Langstrom.
  • Deciding where that name goes, though is going to be a problem. Also, we have 20 spaces on the acrostic and 12 suspects. That's not enough room for everyone to be represented twice.
  • Oops Langston not Langstrom. I can't find any names that fit with Langston.
  • I think we've gotten all we can get out of the acrostic for now. Perhaps the map can be filled in like a crisscross somehow?

  • Hey, how about this, guys?

    X marks the spot.

  • I noticed that the missing space on the X cooresponds with the place of one of the suspects.

  • Well, the clue for this week pretty much confirms your idea arks. Would you be able to send in your solution to see if it's right?

  • Well, I didn't get an e-mail. confirmation, but I checked my answers and it says that we're right and congratulates me. 

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