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[SOLVED: STEPAEROBICS] [12] Climbing the ladder

edited 2013-09-14 17:27:51 in Puzzlers Chat

There are a whole bunch of errors on this one.

Several of the +trigrams are incorrect. In order, NOT should be MNO, ILN should be ILT, AMN should be ALN, and ALL should be ALP. (Thanks Dan Katz!)


  • edited 2013-07-07 04:58:30

    This is a word Pyramid Puzzle. The clues aren't in order.

    Row 1: Three Letters of CEO:    E         O          C
    Row 2: + RST:                   ET        OR         CS
    Row 3: + EIP                    PET       ROE        CSI

    Row 5: + ALP                    SLEPT     OPERA      BASIC
    Row 6: + ALN                    STAPLE               CABINS
    Row 7: + MNO                    PLANETS              NABISCO

  • edited 2013-07-07 05:03:08

    It was pretty obvious from what I had so far that row 4 had the final answer. Extrapolating from 3 and 5 gives STEP    AERO   and BICS.

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