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[SOLVED: JONATHANADLER] [10] Middle Management

edited 2013-09-14 17:26:43 in Puzzlers Chat

Business cards.


  • edited 2013-07-07 04:08:41

    Alright. There are eleven business cards and 22 hints. I believe each card pulls the first name from one hint and the last name from another.

    1. Tv Doctor Phil McGraw
    2. Attorney, professor, and testifier Anita Hill 
    3. US President Zachary Taylor
    4. Actor ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") Robin Sachs
    5. Cake maker Duff Goldman
    6. Country singer Eddie Rabbitt
    7. SAG Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Ruby Dee
    8. Actress ("Gilligan's Island") Dawn Wells
    9. Fictional government agent Jack Bauer
    10. Actress ("Popular") Sara Rue
    11. Novelist Phillip Roth
    12. CNN News Host: Piers Morgan
    13. Real Housewife of New Jersey Beverly Ann Merrill (now Danielle Straub)
    14. Former governor of Texas Ann Richards 
    15. Oscar-winning director Ang Lee
    16. Actor, horror movies: Vincent Price 
    17. Fictional accident-prone scientist Douglas Fargo
    18. Actress (Return to Peyton Place) Tuesday Weld
    19. Actor (Big Night) Stanley Tucci
    20. Actress (Confessions of a Shopaholic) Isla Fisher
    21. SNL regular Garrett Morris
    22. Actress ("Glee") Jane Lynch

    Business Cards

    (Ruby) Dee  (Tuesday) Weld: Restaurateur: 4am-1pm Ruby Tuesday: A restaurant.
    Piers(Morgan) (Stanley)Tucci: Financial Services 3am-2pm Morgan Stanley
    (Sara) Rue Ang (Lee): Baked Goods1am-2pm Sara Lee
    Phil (McGraw) Anita (Hill): Books: 4am-1pm McGraw Hill
    (Eddie) Rabbitt Jack (Bauer): Clothing: 5am-5pm Eddie Bauer
    Isla (Fisher) Vincent (Price): Toys: 5am-1pm Fisher Price 
    Duff (Goldman) Robin (Sachs): Banking: 5am-5pm Goldman Sachs 
    Beverly Ann (Merrill) Jane (Lynch): Investmeents: 2am-2pm Merrill Lynch 
    (Phillip) Roth Garrett (Morris): Tobacco: 5am-4pm Phillip Morris
    (Ann) Richards Zachary (Taylor): Clothing: 3am-3pm Ann Taylor
    Dawn (Wells) Douglas (Fargo): Banking: 2am-5pm Wells Fargo

    Feel free to edit.

  • Indexes and original order: RHYS MEYERS IRENE POTTERY.  Same style clue.  Answer JONATHAN ADLER.

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