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[SOLVED: LOSALAMOS] [3] Classifieds

edited 2013-09-14 17:26:27 in Puzzlers Chat

This puzzle has a lot of information to process.


  • There's quite a few stock phrases in these ads.

    "Want a new career in ____?"

    "Come to our ____ office today."

    "Some ______ required"

    "Our _____ is expanding"

    "____________ needed"

    "Get off that couch and call _______"

    There's also a limitted number of things what will fill in those blanks.

  • Something that caught my eye while reading them over (R6,C4):

    Eager People, Apply Here
    Make $50K a year. Our cryogenics firm is expanding. Boy, there sure are a lot of red herrings in this puzzle.

    There are a couple of other weird ones in there as well. Perhaps only a fraction of the information is significant, like the numbers. the 9*9 grid makes me think of sudoku.

  • Salaries = sudoku numbers seems to work.  Symmetric and apparently consistent.  Trying to solve.

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