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[1] Yet Another Boston Tea Party Puzzle

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  • In most of these squares, the transformation given returns gibberish. The flavortext mentions starting with Boston. I wonder if we can apply these transformations in a certain order, starting with Boston, and get some kind of result.

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    Apple Wifi product that debutted in 1999: AirPort? 

    The House of the Spirits Author Isabel: Allende

    Larger version of a fish bowl: Aquarium?

    Powers played by Mike Myers: Austin

    Burger Bankjob Snoopy: Beagle

    Friend to Dorothy Rose and Sophia on Golden Girls: Blanche

    Red Sox Slugger Wade: Boggs?

    He talks with Casca in Act I Scene III of Julius Caesar: Cicero, Cassius, Cinna are all in the scene but most of it is with Cassius. 

    Fourth Vice President, 42nd President, or 1812 loser: Clinton? 

    Lisa played her on Cosby show and Different World: Denise

    Mathematical operation indicated by slash or obelis: Division

    Second largest city in Alaska: Fairbanks

    Tire company founded same year as Goodyear: 

    Actress Henderson on Brady Bunch: Florence

    Viggo Morgeston film named after a horse: Hidalgo

    Nickname for Pete Mitchell: Maverick? 

    Another word for country: Nation? 

    the N in SNAFU: normal

    Famed dictionary + entertainment featuring clowns: _____ Circus? Oxford?

    ___ de gallo: Pico

    Baltimore, Maryland racetrack: Pimlico

    Seat of Roosevelt County, New Mexico: Portales

    Jazz singer Vaughan: 

    It includes Vassar and Radcliffe: Seven Sisters? 

    TV series with episodes "It Hits the Fan" and "Broadway Bro Down" : South Park 

    Tsaritsyn --> _____ --> Volvgograd: Stalingrad

    Actor Dean from Quantum Leap: Stockwell

    Mount near Alexandria, Virginia

    Author of Les Miserable: Victor Hugo

    Victor/________: Victoria

    Batman's Burt + opposite of high: Wardlow?

    Title character whose name is Ufgood + a word for a river: Willow Creek?

    What John Mayer says your body is: Wonderland.

    Looks like the answers to clues are in alphabetical order.

  • Friend to Dorothy Rose and Sophia on Golden Girls: Blanche?

    Red Sox Slugger Wade: Boggs?

    ___ de gallo: Pico

    Baltimore, Maryland racetrack: Pimlico

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    There is no edit link on your post, so I can't. There is one on the post you made May 4, but not on your subsequent posts. 


    OK, now I can edit those posts. 

  • Per the hint, all these answers should be cities.
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