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[SOLVED: STANLEYKOWALSKI] [3] Bermuda Triangles

edited 2013-07-06 16:02:58 in Puzzlers Chat

Celebrities represent numbers?


  • edited 2013-05-08 06:09:38

    Okay, here's something. Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain both played Superman, alias Clark Kent. He was also played by Tim Daly, (3 4) who along with David Janssen played Dr. Richard Kimble (Fugitive), who was also played by Harrison Ford (8 4), who along with Ben Affleck played Jack Ryan (Red October) Jack Ryan was also played by Alec Baldwin (4 7), and that is one branch of the triangle.

    Henry Thomas and Vince Vaughn both played Norman Bates, who is most famously played by Anthony Perkins (7 7) Who played Inspector Javert (Les Miserable) also played by Russell Crowe (7 5). He and Cary Elwes both played Robin Hood. Also played by Kevin Costner (5 7) He and Kurt Russell both played Wyatt Earp. Played by Burt Lancaster (4 9)

    Will Ferrell and JT Walsh both played Bob Woodward (a reporter in the Nixon scandal) who was also played by Robert Redford (6 7) Both did Jay Gatsby, also played by Leonardo Dicapprio (8 8)


  • Got it. Two sides of the middle triangle are Treat Williams and Alec Baldwin, who both did Stanley Kowalski from Streetcar Named Desire.

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