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Mailing List Spam

edited 2013-01-31 04:43:06 in Irrelephants

Apparently, someone thought it would be wise to use the address as their own private Amazon dump and was therefore spamming up our own private list.  GMH and I caught wind of this and have spamfiltered everything from Amazon so this should stop now.


  • edited 2013-01-31 05:42:09

    Quick explanation: is a meta-list (an e-mail list of e-mail lists) used by Mystery Hunt organizers to send out official announcements.

    Some doofus tried to use the meta-list address,, to sign up for Amazon Prime.  Massive trollery ensued.

    Our list is one among the many lists in the meta-list.  Our list is NOT an MIT e-mail list.  It is privately hosted, and Unknown_Entity and I have now blocked e-mails from (and pre-emptively blocked and as well).

    Our list is used to receive announcements about puzzlehunts to the members of the Duck Soup forum, especially messages about the annual MIT Mystery Hunt.  If you still don't want to receive these, you can go to the forum at , click your username to see your profile, and change your list subscription from there.  (You might miss Hunt HQ announcements if you plan on being involved in the Hunt though.)


    PS: 77 Massachusetts Avenue is the address of MIT's front door.

  • One more thing.

    Public Service Announcement

    When someone is a doofus and uses a public e-mail list (much less a meta-list) as their Amazon Prime fodder, please don't troll the list by repeatedly changing the password and then placing orders for over $2800 of stuff.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Oh, another important thing:

    Don't reply-all asking to be removed from the list.  Don't EVER do that.

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