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Mad Jaqk's Puzzles

As part of a class project, I put a metapuzzle I wrote a few years ago online. should work; will also get there.  I created an account there with username ducksoup and PIN 8139 if anyone's interested, and if anyone has any questions or something's unclear, please let me know.


  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for sharing these. I've got three answers so far, and I spotted a small error in Cryptic. There's an extra bar between 32 and 33, and the 32 clue is incorrectly numbered. The puzzle itself was nice; I'll be in touch once I get more or if I see other errata.
  • Thank you!  I'll try to get that corrected this weekend.  Do let me know if you find any other problems or have any questions.
  • Okay, so I've got enough of the puzzles solved that I managed to back-solve Watch Chain and Categories. I've also got part of the way into the meta, and I've gotten a seven-letter word that is not the meta answer (being vague as to not spoil for others). I'm guessing this word is supposed to suggest the next step along with some other clues, but I'm not 100% on how to proceed yet. I will update if I can find a way.
  • You're definitely almost there.  I don't think you'll need a hint, but If you want one (rot13): Gur zrgn erfrzoyrf n pbzzba chmmyr glcr.  Ubj qvq gung glcr trg vgf anzr?
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