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Three Words

edited 2011-12-11 12:38:11 in Puzzlers Chat
So I think each set of two pictures is hinting at the first two words of a three word phrase. Here's what I got so far.

Row 1: Picture 1: Portable (most likely); Picture 2: Web? Internet?; Third Word: Browser? Server?
Row 2: Picture 1: Prince; Picture 2: Edward; Third Word: Island?
Row 3: Picture 1: John; Picture 2: ??? Third Word: ???
Row 4: Picture 1: Cable; Picture 2: News; Third Word: Network
Row 5: Picture 1: Cathode; Picture 2: Ray; Third Word: Tube
Row 6: Picture 1: Graduate?; Picture 2: Record Third Word: Exam?
Row 7: Picture 1: Now; Picture 2: Or; Third Word: Never
Row 8: Picture 1: ??; Picture 2: ???; Third Word: (Need help on this one)
Row 9: Picture 1: ??? Picture 2: Key? Third Word: ???
Row 10: Picture 1: Lunar; Picture 2: New Third Word: Year?
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