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New team name?

edited 2012-12-31 11:28:58 in Irrelephants
Our current team name was created by our co-founder, Liz the Red, back when we started out in 2008.  She picked it because she likes the movie Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers.

These days I kinda feel it's a bit of an artifact name, since most of us aren't fans of and haven't seen Duck Soup.  (Before our first Mystery Hunt I really did organize a showing of the movie.)

Should we change our name?

We were known as "Duck Soup on Troper Steroids" one year, the first year I got TV Tropes involved.  Since then we've been using this separate website, and our team consists roughly of current and former tropers and friends, plus some MIT alums I know who were part of the original on-campus team but have since graduated.

If we get a new name, got any ideas?

Note: Since we know our webmaster, we can easily get all the corresponding stuff changed, like the name of this website, the name of the e-mail list, the favicon for this site, etc..


  • Like I told you before, Glenn, I don't have any strong feelings about the name one way or the other.
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