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Mystery Hunt 2013 Welcome Thread!

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Hey everyone, so I heard we can register an all-remote team for the first time this year, which means we get to participate without any worrying about an on-campus contingent or anything like that.  So, let's do this thing!

Post here if you might be interested in helping out our team for the 2013 Mystery Hunt!  It will run 18-21 January 2013 (the weekend before MLK Jr. Day, for those of you in the U.S.).  It's easy to play: Just join this forum, and stop by anytime during the Hunt.  We'll add you to our members list and tell you how to log into our account on the puzzle server of the Hunt organizers.  No obligations necessary, all time zones welcome!

And say a little bit about yourself if you'd like.

I've been a Mystery Hunter since 2007, and been captaining this team since 2008.  We're just an informal group of solvers who just enjoy having fun solving puzzles.  As for myself, I'm a graduate student, and I know assorted classical music, music theory, videogame, anime, and electoral politics trivia (though not necessarily consistently), and I suck at solving puzzles, even if I'm intrigued by their design and have written a few MH-style puzzles myself.


  • I'm arks. I was part of this group in 2011, but wasn't able to join last year for reasons related to my job. I'm immensely fascinated with the format of these puzzles, and am looking forward to another year working through them.
  • Drpepperfan here, I was a part of this group in the last two years, and am looking forward to doing so again this year! Love the style of puzzles in the Mystery Hunt, even though I think i've only succeded in helping out with one or two in the past. Here's hoping at least one puzzle will require the use of my limited specialist subjects.
  • I am Nyktos, I considered joining this the last two times but then forgot about it. Registered because GMH made thread on IJBM. May or may not actually end up participating.
  • hello all, I'm AquaAura.  I was also part of this group in the last few years.  You might remember me as the one doing this really long 5 story maze puzzle from last year. :P  I'm looking forward to sitting down with a nice cup of coffee/cocoa and doing another great puzzle hunt with you all.
  • UE here again, I'll be doing sitely stuff again like last year.
  • I'm Quantumawesome, and I'd love to participate this year. I have been with this team for the last two years, and I'm very excited to join again.
  • I'm treofspades. I helped out last year and have been a fan of the hunt for a couple years before that. I'm looking forward to doing what I can to help this year but my schedule for that weekend is up in the air.
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    I'm paulmedwal, I've been around duck soup since 2007. i'll be on campus for the hunt.

    I'm looking into options for HQ (I'm waiting for approvals), but absent other options, I'll coordinate the on campus tasks for the team.
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    I'm Mneme, I've been around since 2009 (I think?). I'll be remote for most of the hunt but I may be on campus for part of it.

    1/14/2013: Will be hunting completely remotely. >_<
  • oh cool. That means we might have some on campus people this year.

  • Well I haven't submitted a team registration yet.  I just got done with some classwork so I was about to.  @paulmedwal, I guess I'll put you down as being on-campus :D
  • I'm somekindofguy. I worked with this team last year, and I plan to do so again this year.

    This is my second actual hunt, my first one being in 2012. I am considering heading to Boston myself, but I'm not sure if we are going to have an on-campus presence this year. If not, I will compete remotely.

    If you guys want some practice material prior to the hunt, let me know and I'll see what I have. I know plenty of sources for MIT hunt style puzzles.
  • If you are hunting in Boston and didn't get my e-mail, e-mail me at
    mystery dot hunt dot pmw at gmail dot com and i'll get you the info you need.
  • Is that info gunna be posted here soon?

  • Probably not in this thread since it involves contact info.

    Anyhow I started up an announcements thread in our Mystery Hunt 2013 subforum.  Gonna start putting important stuff there.

    Make sure you have e-mail list subscription turned on so you can receive official Hunt e-mails!
  • A-Hoy-Hoy, all! My name is C Trombley. The idea of me going to Boston is kind of ridiculous, but I am very happy to join you all and participate in this event with you.

    I've never participated in a Mystery Hunt before, so it is particularly kind of you all to let me join.

    Thank you!
  • GMH just poked me in the ribs and reminded me of the Hunt otherwise I probably would have missed it. Hi, all.

    I'm Madrugada (you can call me Maddy; I won't get upset) and I've been on the previous Duck Soup teams. I guess my claim to fame, if I have one, is making bizarre logical leaps that set somehow work out.
  • Hello, hello, hello! I'm Dani. This is my third year of Mystery Hunting! I'm pretty young -- a high school senior -- but, as the last couple of years have proven, I can still be at least a little bit helpful. I'm good at crosswords and puzzles that require printing and then physically completing. I'm also kind of clever. Kind of. I've got knowledge of lots of assorted things, which have come in handy in the past.

    Basically, it feels really good to be back, and nice to meet you all!
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    Hi I'm Kanak. I'm new to this whole puzzle hunt thing. I can solve Jig-Saw Puzzles, occasionally with my eyes closed, though I'm not sure that's helpful here. I can also solve that cube thing with the six colors. I'll try and be of some help =) 
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    Hai!  I'm marzipan.   Been hunting with the team for the past couple years, I don't remember what my username last year was though :-/

    fixed that for ya. ~gmh
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    Justine here. can't say I'm too helpful, but I'll give it my best shot [pun intended for those who know me irl]
    happy hunting! don't forget to eat! :D

    Edit: I hear the flu is really bad up in boston. remember to wash your hands often. i swear im not being weird. >_>
  • Hey GMH,

    do we have a chat set up as well like last year?


  • edited 2013-01-17 16:42:26

    Yep.  It's #ducksoup on Espernet.  You can find a link to Espernet's webchat utility in this post in the announcements thread in the Mystery Hunt 2013 subforum.

  • I'm jmonk.  I took a look at a puzzle here and there last year, but didn't do much.  This year though, I'll be hanging out with marzipan, who'll show me the ropes.

  • I'm in this again this year, and thankfully I won't be doing any travelling so I won't miss anything (aside from the very beginning of the hunt due to a class).

  • I'm blackcat and I'm happy that I can participate in this year's hunt. 

  • Hi everyone, first-timer here, looking forward to taking part!

  • Hi. I participated last year and the year before and I'll try to help this year too, though I don't know how much time I have or how useful I'll be. But Mystery Hunt is fun.

  • Hi, first-timer. Should be fun = ).
  • Hi! I'm Nicole - I've been doing this since 2007.  In my real life, I'm an educational software developer in NYC.  We have a real-life solving contingent in NYC again this year - if you'd like to meet up with us, e-mail me at nicolethenerd at gmail dot com

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