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"Who was that?"

edited 2011-12-11 16:31:44 in Puzzlers Chat
To inaugurate this forum, I've written a set of puzzles.

The puzzles can be found here:

Feel free to start threads for solving each one, though they should still be solvable even if you're working on them alone.

If you have questions about the puzzles themselves, including inquiries about errata, please post them here.

(For new people: If you are interested in joining the Duck Soup team for the 2012 MIT Mystery Hunt, make an account on the forum.  Forum rules can be seen here.)


  • edited 2011-12-11 11:03:29
    Erratum: The solution to Lier X. Agerate does not properly fit the metapuzzle.  I will supply the correct metapuzzle information (in a togglebox spoiler) when Lier X. Agerate becomes solved.
  • Since Lier X. Agerate has been solved, here is the corrected metapuzzle clue that replaces its solution:

    My apologies for the mistake.
  • Two more corrections:

    1. The flavortext of Moon Logic Puzzle clued for the wrong thing, and now been removed.
    2. There is an additional horizontal line added to Three Word, where there used to be a few line breaks.  This should be a minor detail.
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